Paranormal Research Society is looking for families who are being tormented and haunted by spirits, ghosts, demons, and beyond.  If you have experienced visits from the unknown, we can help you.  The Paranormal Research Society is the only college-sanctioned paranormal group across the United States and has also worked with the Roman Catholic Church.   If you are in need of paranormal
professionals, we are here to investigate your case and help you understand the unexplainable.  If you need our help and are open to potentially being part of the investigation process while being filmed for an A&E TV pilot.


The psychologist is back: two new Psychologist’s Corner articles!

Blai’s ground-breaking series continues, where he answers the question, “why do paranormal research?” while also summarizing the UNIV-CON4 lecture, “Psychological Aspects of the paranormal.”  A must, even for those who attended the lecture

Future Expertise in Psi/Paranormal Research

Dr. Tor Nordmark discusses the problems and issues that the paranormal community face today.

How to start your own paranormal group

Due to popular demand, Director Ryan Buell gives his glorified two-cents on how to start a successful paranormal group.

Article: “Talk of ghosts and the supernatural comes to Penn State”

The Daily Collegian, the official paper for Penn State University, gives a preview of what people can expect from the 2005 Paranormal Conference, held Oct. 13-16th..

PSU gears up for one of paranormal’s biggest events

With just one week left until UNIV-CON4 hits, downtown restaurants, hotels and the university prepare for incoming guests.

Time Prophecies and Precognition

Dr. Tor Nordmark delves into the age-old debate of how prophets are able to look into the future.

Where Have All The Experts Gone?

Director Ryan Buell complains about modern “ghost hunting” while searching for the next generation of experts Omi Film Online

Ghost hunters VS Paranormal Investigators

What’s in a name?  Well, a lot.  What’s the difference between a ghost hunter and a paranormal investigator? 

Two new Psychologist’s Corner articles

Blai’s ground-breaking series of articles on the paranormal from a psychological aspect continue with one on equipment and the other on critical thinking.


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